Vietnam Office: 218 Bui Ta Han, District 2, HCMC 700000

Australia Office: 28 Main Street, Blackburn VIC 3130

Crystal Palace

September 2015

L District 7, Saigon, Vietnam

J Arch. & Interior design

A Approx. 12,000sqm

S Completed

Other projects

More Hospitality Projects projects

The Light V Hotel

September 2017

L Nha Trang, K. Hoa, Vietnam

J Arch. & Interior design

A Approx. 18,000sqm

S Under construction


The Light II Hotel

January 2013

L Nha Trang, K. Hoa, Vietnam

J Architecture design

A Approx. 10,000sqm

S Completed


Sunrise Spa

June 2017

L Tay Ninh, T. Ninh, Vietnam

J Interior design

A Approx. 600sqm

S Completed


Chy Spa

October 2005

L District 1, Saigon, Vietnam

J Interior design & build

A Approx. 100sqm

S Completed